Research updates

The architecture of the ISADD application is based on an AI server that identifies the elements of the personal protective equipment being donned. This means that the AI server does inference based on a video stream taken from a client device, identifies the objects, and returns text which explains what is being contained in the image.

The software required to perform inference is very specialised, and runs within a specific programming language which is quite processor intensive. The architecture for ISADD therefore has to be split into a client which can run in more ‘lightweight’ contexts, and an inference server that can contain the models required.

Today’s experiment validated the architecture for ISADD, whereby the webcam stream that was captured on the client device was served as a stream to be consumed by the inference server. The Artificial Intelligence server performed the inference tasks on the stream and returned a video stream with the annotations required to identify the elements of the PPE that were being worn.

Image on the left is the result of the inference. Image on the right is the webcam stream. Inference server offsite and images being streamed over the internet.

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