The hardware dimension

Isadd is now in the process of procurement of the hardware necessary to build the prototype. While the actual software prototype has been tested on a development platform, the actual prototype needs to be deployed on hardware that can offer better performance, both with respect to detection accuracy as well as camera capturing. It was noted in the initial testing that the quality of the webcam feed and the video capturing was an important element in the accuracy of the model identifying the various different elements of PPE.

We have therefore engaged in the procurement process, thanks to the funds kindly provided us by the MCST, to get better quality capturing equipment, and a more powerful graphics processor that promises to speed up the inference framerate of the computer that is currently being used. We have also procured a powerful laptop that can also be used for inferencing as a backup if network connectivity cannot be provided in the testing environment at the moment.

Once we have access to this equipment, some more performance testing will be carried out, and initial benchmarking of the solution can be carried out prior to more detailed testing.

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