Development of an Integrated System for Donning and Doffing for Healthcare Professionals

Donning and doffing is the process that professional healthcare workers use to wear their protective gear in such a way as to minimize the risk of infection from contagious viruses.

The Donning and doffing process requires a series of carefully choreographed steps, which need to be followed to ensure that there is no risk of contagion for both the healthcare worker and his or her patients.

It is normally carried out as a series of steps, which may be hard to memorize, especially for nurses and doctors who are already overworked and under stress due to the pressure they may be under in the contexts they are working in.

The aim of this project is to make healthcare workers’ lives a little bit easier by creating a system that prompts them with the correct steps to follow for donning and doffing, and notifies them if any steps have been skipped.